[Bitget] Risk Control Manager (Wallet)
Bitget 是全球领先的加密交易平台,提供现货、衍生品和跟单交易服务。
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About the job

Bitget is a global cryptocurrency exchange focused on derivatives tradings, headquarter located in Singapore. Bitget was founded in July 2018 in Singapore, and we have 2 million registered users worldwide.

Job Descriptions:

  • Conduct investigation, analysis, and review of risk behaviors in decentralized marketing activities, and make appropriate responses
  • Through risk management and real-time monitoring, timely detect data anomalies and synchronize with relevant departments to avoid losses
  • Continuously identify risk cases, maintain case libraries, summarize behavioral characteristics, refine risk control strategies, and optimize strategies
  • Continuously monitor user behavior, write investigation reports on identified risk control cases, analyze risk data

Job Requirements

  • Understand decentralized marketing plans and risk characteristics
  • Understand the security of on chain funds and track them
  • Responsible and self driven