[OP Labs] Web3 Senior Protocol Engineer
OP Labs
OP Labs
OP Labs 为 Optimism 协议做出了贡献,该协议是以太坊的扩展,可扩展其技术和价值。Optimism 使以太坊的性能和可扩展性得到了数量级的提升,同时加倍履行了其对公共产品的承诺。
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What are the role responsibilities?

  • Work alongside the OP Labs Client pod to build and decentralize the Optimism protocol
  • Collaborate with the teams leveraging the OP Stack and building the Superchain
  • Contribute to the development and review of security protocols and their implementations

What skills do you bring?

  • Extensive experience in a software engineering role shipping production code
  • Experience writing Golang
  • Deep knowledge of Ethereum and the EVM
  • Strong grasp of computer science and distributed systems fundamentals
  • Experience with containerized infrastructure solutions such as Docker or Kubernetes is a plus, but not required
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