[Optimism Foundation] Web3 Chief Growth Officer
Optimism 是采用 Optimistic Rollup 的以太坊 Layer2 扩容解决方案,主网于 2021 年 1 月上线。排序器负责生成 L2 区块并将交易添加到以太坊 L1,通过出售区块空间来产生收入。 Optimism 即将推出的 Bedrock 将超越 EVM 等效性并实现以太坊等效性,也是 Optimism 下一代故障证明系统 Cannon 的基础。Cannon 最早由 George Hotz 构建,是第一个可运行 EVM 等效 Layer 2 的交互式公共故障证明。 Optimism 于 2020 年 1 月份完成 350 万美元种子轮融资,2021 年 2 月完成由 Andreessen Horowitz(A16z)领投的 2500 万美元 A 轮融资,2022 年完成由 a16z 和 Paradigm 领投的 1.5 亿美元 B 轮融资,估值达到 16.5 亿美元。 2022 年 6 月初,Optimism 推出治理代币 OP。目前 OP 只用于通过 Optimism 的两院治理系统进行治理。在这个系统中,OP 持有人组成 Token House。Token House 能够对升级和分配激励给 Rollup 生态系统内的不同项目进行投票。
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We are the team of contributors at the Optimism Foundation, working towards the Optimism Collective's goals. Our mission is to build out the Optimistic ecosystem and enable decentralized governance for the Optimism Collective.

We’re looking for a remarkable Chief Growth Officer to steer expansion strategies, working in an innovative capacity that coordinates efforts across a network of external contributors and core development teams.As our Chief Growth Officer / Head of Growth, you will be key in bootstrapping the Optimism Collective & DAO’s ability to sustain itself, afford expansion, and find economic prosperity for the community of users and business on the protocol platform.

This position transcends traditional management and empowers you to unite and maximize the potential of the Optimism Collective's diverse ecosystem by orchestrating collaborative growth across external contributors, core development teams, and strategic partners.

Key Responsibilities:

Your main charter is driving growth across the Optimism ecosystem, currently with a focus on developer growth through innovative GTM strategies, token incentive programs, and partnerships. You'll orchestrate growth strategies across decentralized teams to ensure Developers are drawn to Optimism as the best place to build.

You’ll have tokens, a decentralized workforce, and cash at your disposal to build an internal team from scratch, coordinate external contributors, allocate funding and ink deals.

We’ve driven all the growth so far with a miniscule number of talented contributors. Your first few months on the job will require a roundup of all the work done, existing relationships and processes, budgets, etc. Then we’ll look to you to form a strategy for how to take the budget to meet our growth goals, from hiring to partnerships.


  • Strategy & ambition: Have the network, vision, and insight to dream up world-changing deals and partnerships and growth strategies & go execute on them. We’re looking for leaders to exercise the full force of their creativity, to level us up and push us beyond what we thought possible.
  • Coordination & process: Be extremely organized, be able to manage a diverse pool of internal and external contributors to accomplish your objectives. Have an efficient process, be able to train a team on it, and progress deals. Optimism prides itself on turning Web3 “obstacles” (being decentralized, MIT licensed, etc.) into competitive advantages. We are looking for leaders who can do the same with executing strategies across a decentralized workforce.
  • Adaptability & leadership: Executive roles at startups already require adaptability and the ability to make decisions, find clarity, and guide strategy in the face of ambiguity. This is not only a startup but it’s one in a nascent industry. For the right person an otherwise daunting role becomes an enthralling challenge.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • DAO and Blockchain Background: Previous involvement in DAOs, blockchain projects, or startups.
  • Tokenomics Familiarity: Understanding of tokenomics and decentralized governance models.
  • Technical familiarity: You don’t have to be Vitalik, but the ability to understand the high level workings of a highly technical product is a must.

Join us in shaping the decentralized future and growing community-driven ecosystems. If you are a visionary leader passionate about decentralized growth, apply now to lead this pivotal role at the Optimism Foundation and be at the forefront of the Optimism Collective's governance and expansion efforts!

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