[Kronos Research] Web3 Software Engineer, Python/Go (Data+Backend)
Kronos Research
Kronos Research
Kronos Research 是一家技术和科学驱动的贸易公司。团队承担公司资本风险,在全球市场上交易广泛的金融工具和策略。公司愿意以信念追求新的想法和市场,因此一直处于技术和市场的最前沿,迅速主导较新的市场,如将高频交易应用于加密货币交易。Kronos 日均加密货币交易量已超过 50 亿美元。团队从 2018 年的 2 人迅速发展到现在的 80 人,总部位于台北,在上海设有办公室。
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Job Description

We are currently looking for a junior to mid-level software engineer to join us as a Software Engineer to take over and improve upon our existing data pipelines. As a Software Engineer at Kronos, you will have the opportunity to learn about how data drives success in the heart of the quantitative trading industry.Successful candidates should have experience in constructing large-scale systems and data processing pipelines, utilizing both on-premise and cloud-based technologies.


  • Design, build, and maintain all domain-related data pipelines & data warehouses and optimize existing pipelines
  • Develop solutions to easily import and integrate data from 3rd party data vendors and exchange private endpoints into our existing data inventory
  • Deploy and manage the daily operation of our market data loggers and ensure data is stored efficiently and securely across cloud and on-premise solutions (S3/NAS/DFS)
  • Work closely with the Infra team and quant researchers to understand data needs. Set up and maintain data pipelines that prepare raw market data for machine learning research and simulations
  • Design and develop tools and interfaces that improve quality, integrity, and availability for all of our data


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Machine Learning, or related field
  • 2-5 years of relevant industry experience
  • Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills, with a focus on identifying and addressing complex data engineering challenges
  • Strong experience in designing and developing scalable cloud-native software solutions, utilizing cloud technologies (e.g., AWS, Azure, GCP) for data storage, processing, and analytics
  • Proven track record in constructing large-scale systems and data processing pipelines
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • English resume acceptable only

Preferred Qualifications

  • Have a solid foundation in programming languages such as C/C++/Go/Java/Python

Interview Process

  1. Coding assessment (via Codility)
  2. Manager & HR interview
  3. Technical interview
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