[Marathon Digital Holdings] Web3 Research Lab Technician Internship
Marathon Digital
Marathon Digital
Marathon Digital Holdings 是最大、最节能、​​技术最先进的比特币矿业公司之一,也是北美上市公司中最大的比特币持有者之一。Marathon Digital Holdings 通过投资最先进的技术并利用创新技术将能源转化为经济价值,同时帮助保持比特币账本的最新和安全,一次一个区块,从而脱颖而出。
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Marathon is looking to build out a research team to test, strategize and evaluate the latest ESG technologies. This paid internship will offer the possibility of transitioning into full-time employment for outstanding performers. We have partnerships with cutting edge companies where we will be testing mining hardware, firmware, blockchain, cooling, and heat recovery technology. We are looking for individuals who have a strong science background and are willing to design test procedures and analyze data to aid in the testing process.

The position will be a mix of in-person and remote, no experience required.

  • Maintain accurate inventory
  • Receival and installation of laboratory equipment
  • Design and execute testing procedures
  • Collect, organize, and analyze data for testing reports
  • Monitor test environments
  • Ship and receive equipment
  • Organize vendors and subcontractors
  • Support internal and external teams
  • Coordinate test requests and maintain timelines
  • Assist in strategic planning and execution of new initiatives
  • Conduct research and analysis to identify new technologies
  • Develop and maintain relationships with vendors
  • KPI and goal setting
  • Project management
  • Travel <50%


  • 40 hours / week
  • Microsoft Word
  • Excel
  • Sublime / IDE text editor
  • Ownership
  • Organized and methodical
  • Project Management (plus)
  • Science background (plus)
  • Operated crypto mining machines (plus)
  • Electrician or electrical engineer background (plus)
  • Thermal or mechanical engineering background (plus)

What you will learn

  • New technology in the blockchain space
  • New ESG technology
  • Scripting in python or similar language
  • Testing procedures
  • Writing white papers
  • OSHA safety procedures
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