[Uniswap Foundation] Web3 General Counsel
由 Hayden Adams 于 2018 年创建,是一个采用恒定乘积做市商模型的开源去中心化交易协议,目前运行在以太坊、Polygon、Optimism、Arbitrum 和 Celo 上。在 Uniswap V3 中做市商可以决定只在其设定的价格范围内提供流动性。 2022 年 6 月份,Uniswap Labs 宣布已收购 NFT 聚合市场 Genie,目前还在与 7 个 NFT 借贷协议探讨解决流动性分散和信息不对称的问题。 2020 年 6 月份,Uniswap 完成由 a16z 领投的 1100 万美元融资,总融资额超 1380 万美元。2020 年 9 月 Uniswap 发布治理代币 UNI,并引发空投狂欢。
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Job Summary:

We are looking for an experienced General Counsel to join the Uniswap Foundation team. This position will report directly to the Executive Director of the Foundation. You will be responsible for legal counsel internally to the Uniswap Foundation’s leadership team. This role requires a candidate with prior experience interpreting federal regulations relevant to Defi, and working with crypto-focused stakeholders and technology partners. Preference for prior experience at a Web3 company, and/or interest in decentralized finance.

Key Responsibilities:

Research & Development

  • Support UF in developing strategy and communication related to the grants process: projects may include novel smart contract or consensus mechanisms, front ends, data indexing services, etc

Regulatory Expertise

  • Work with external counsel to draft and submit comment letters to government and regulatory agencies (SEC, CFTC, IRS, etc.)

Operations & Communications

  • Work cross-functionally with external legal counsel
  • Provide legal support to core operational processes, including IP, copyright, and licensing, contracts, hiring, etc.
  • Draft and publish blogs & articles on the Foundation’s views on the evolving regulatory landscape
  • Provide guidance on internal and external team communications
  • Manage commercial negotiations with grantees & external stakeholders


  • Currently practicing as an attorney in the United States, with active NYC bar registration and 8+ years of legal experience
  • Experience counselling research, technology, governance and innovation teams in designing grant making investments
  • Understanding of AMMs and context around the DeFi ecosystem. Able to build context in new areas (ie hook development, Uniswap smart contracts) quickly
  • Clear understanding of the legal underpinnings supporting crypto products
  • Experience in litigation with the SEC, CFTC, or other regulatory agencies, and/or working with organizations under regulatory scrutiny
  • Experience working and leading cross-functional teams
  • Experience advising clients on risk mitigation across operational processes
  • Excellent judgment, analytical rigour, clear communication. Ability to translate advanced legal concepts into easily understandable terms
  • Cultivating a moderate, well-informed, balanced, and nuanced perspective on regulatory matters
  • Nice to have: prior experience in nonprofit investing and grant making
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