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Arbitrum 是一个 Layer2 扩容解决方案,目前推出了兼容 EVM 的 Optimistic Rollup「Arbitrum One」主网(会迁移至 Arbitrum Nitro)和基于 AnyTrust 技术的新链 Arbitrum Nova。 Offchain Labs 将 Arbitrum Nitro 视为第二代 Optimistic Rollup,相比之前的 Rollup,Nitro 能够提供更⾼的吞吐量、更快的最终确定性和更有效的争议解决⽅案,技术核心是一个新的证明器(prover),可以在 WASM 代码上进行 Arbitrum 的交互式欺诈证明。另外,Nitro 将 Geth core 直接编译到 Arbitrum 中,更兼容 EVM。 Arbitrum AnyTrust 链引入自己的安全假设,交易数据在链下管理,并且使用数据可用性委员会,需要一定数量的委员会成员保持诚实,从而在很大程度上通过链下数据可用性来降低成本。 Nova 的具体工作流程为,排序器先批处理和压缩交易,并向数据可用性委员会提交数据并请求数据可用性证明,然后排序器接收到该证明后会发布到以太坊。 Arbitrum 背后团队是 Offchain Labs,Offchain Labs 由奥巴马任职期间的前白宫技术官员、普林斯顿大学长期教授 Ed Felten 共同创立。Offchain Labs 在 2019 年 3 月完成由 Pantera Capital 领投的 370 万美元种子轮融资,2021 年 4 月完成 2000 万美元 A 轮融资,同年 8 月又以 12 亿美元估值完成 1.2 亿美元融资,Lightspeed Venture Partners 领投。
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The Arbitrum Foundation is an organisation based in the Cayman Islands that is tasked with developing and nurturing the Arbitrum ecosystem. This includes Arbitrum One, an Optimistic Rollup, that instantly scales apps, reducing costs and increasing capacity, without sacrificing Ethereum's security and Arbitrum Nova, which allows for ultra-low cost fees by leveraging AnyTrust technology making it ideal for Social and Gaming applications.

Arbitrum today is the leading Ethereum scaling solution with dominant market share including hundreds of apps on the platform and over 50% of all rollup liquidity.

At the Arbitrum Foundation, we believe that diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging are essential to our success. 

We are committed to building a welcoming and supportive workplace for all employees, regardless of their background or identity. We strive to create an environment where everyone feels valued and has an equal opportunity to succeed and thrive. We encourage candidates from all walks of life to apply and join our team.

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